1.- Is the Haitian divorce legal in my Country ?

Before we answer this question, it is more important to ask yourself : Is my marriage valid outside of my country ?

Yes, your marriage is recognized worldwide. It is what is called “reciprocity” in International Law.

Reciprocity is a term of international treaties by which two or more states agree to extend to the other’s citizens specified legal rights on the same standing as its own citizens.

Formal reciprocity, more generally known as national treatment, represents the most common and pure form of reciprocity. In this model, a host country gives the foreign nationals of the other state the same treatment in law as it would for its own nationals; without distinction, therefore, as to nationality.

Yes the Haitian divorce is recognized worldwide. Therefore, persons contemplating getting a divorce in Haiti are recommended to get legal advice concerning the validity of such divorces in their state of residence.


2.- I am Haitian and married with a foreigner. Can I opt for an International Divorce in Haiti?

No, if you are plaintiff

Yes, if you are defendant.


3.- How many days I have to stay in Haiti?

One (1) day.


4.- In how many weeks will I receive my divorce decree?

Four (4) weeks.